Sarolta Jane Cump is a San Francisco Bay Area artist and filmmaker whose work exemplifies a commitment to social justice and to radical forms of cultural intervention and representation. She brings to all her projects a keen eye for stunning aesthetics, a sharp political sensibility, and a healthy dose of humor and satire.

Cump's work has screened internationally at museums, film festivals, galleries, community centers, squats and everywhere in-between. In an article that traces the genealogy of a distinctive Bay Area queer DIY filmmaking sensibility and history, Greg Youmans (e-flux 2013) discusses Cump’s work in relation to such groundbreaking filmmakers Lizzie Borden and Barbara Hammer. Cump has spent the last two decades in the Bay Area teaching, producing and preserving early format video.

Sarolta can usually be found swimming or collaborating on projects with a myriad of talented creatures.

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