The Gold FIsh Casino trailer! from sarolta jane cump on Vimeo.


Directed and produced by Sarolta Jane Cump
The Gold Fish Casino is a project of The Water Underground
The Gold Fish Casino film project is fiscally sponsored by
Fractured Atlas
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The Gold Fish Casino Film follows the queer journey of a plucky Salmon playing for high stakes in the Water Wars. 

At The Gold Fish Casino, The Salmon must gamble her eggs for high stakes: enough clean water to get home and spawn. On her journey she encounters a queer menagerie, and transforms from a sweet naïve fish into a bold powerful force. The Water Nymph, a washed up veteran of the Water Wars with an enigmatic past, charms The Salmon while dealing dirty cards. Onstage, The Army Chorus of Engineers sing cheerful numbers about Manifest Destiny while at the bar the down-trodden River Creatures hatch plans to topple the Water Tycoon. Just as The Salmon’s luck is running dry, a cryptic communiqué from The Water Underground, a renegade gang of Water Nymphs, is delivered to the water table. 

As a mighty storm brews in the distance, the Water Tycoon shuffles in for a cataclysmic show down: Will the Salmon and her fellow creatures rise up, or will it all go down the drain? 

Rife with double entendre, musical numbers and stunning visuals, The Gold Fish Casino engages the audience with Water politics using archetypal characters, musical numbers and humor. The live action narrative short (HD, 30 min) is currently in post-production and will be launched into the waters late 2014/early 2015! 

The Gold Fish Casino has been primarily grassroots funded and is possible thanks to the hard work and generous donations of many. We depend on our community to spread the word and to help us continue to raise funds for this very serious undertaking. 
Please consider a tax-deductible donation today. Every drop counts. 

The Gold Fish Casino film project is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas

Donate now!

The water underground is a loosely organized network of individuals. We depend on our community to spread the word and to help us raise our modest goal for this very serious undertaking.
Every drop counts, every email forwarded to your own community counts. Even those unable to donate, just by visiting the page, helps get us more attention from those who might be able to fund it.
Everyone on this planet is impacted by water politics in some way or another.


Annie Danger (Salmon)

is a radical performer and trans woman living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She hails from the desert southwest and a long line of teachers, nurses, and engineers. This legacy shows up in her work as she ties together far-reaching, radical ideas into interactive thrills, commonsense conclusions, and, occasionally, audience transcendence. Danger's work has appeared repeatedly in the National Queer Arts Festival, Michelle Tea's Sister Spit: the Next Generation, Keith Hennessy's Too Much!, the Fresh Meat Festival, and many, many smaller locales. She is a regular recipient of grant money from the Queer Community Center and the Creating Queer Communities grant.

J Dellecave (Water Nymph)

has been passionately creating, performing, studying, and producing experimental performance since choreographing jungle gym routines to Olivia Newton John (a long, long time ago). A child of small town dance schools, collegiate trained modern dancer, twenty-something of the queerbo cabaret revival, and thirty-something of the downtown NYC dance scene, J holds a BFA in Dance from Temple University, an MA in Performance Studies from New York University, and is currently a PhD student in Critical Dance Studies at University of California, Riverside. The Jacob K. Javits Fellowship, UCR Chancellor’s Distinguished Fellowship, Leeway Foundation, and Dance Advance recognize J’s choreographic and scholarly work. J has performed nationally and internationally in her own and other people’s choreography.

Ivy Jeanne McClelland (River)

has been creating work that weaves social ecology, radical history and personal narrative to engage an ongoing dialogue about race, class, gender and sexuality. Using drawing, painting, filmmaking, installation, and performance, her work is informed by a working class, feminist and queer perspective. She is currently involved with project development for Jakmel Ekspresyon, a newly emerging community arts center in Jacmel, Haiti. Ivy is also a reknowned singer, and songwriter performing in many bands including Black Rainbow and Allergic to BullShit.

Qilo Matzen (Tycoon)

has performed throughout North America and Europe: touring the Balkans with arts/activist collective Building Bloc (2006) and co-directing Change of State Performance Project (2005-2009). Creeks, bathrooms and black box theatres set the stage for Qilo's immersive and somatically informed performances. Recent work includes dancing at the Marin Headlands for the Arts and collaborating with paige starling sorvillo. Qilo's education spans North Carolina's swamps, U. Illinois at Champaign-Urbana (BFA) and Moving on Center.

Rayna Matthews (Army Chorus of Engineers Choreographer, Floyd)

Brontez Purnell (Water Jets Choreographer)


Sarolta Jane Cump (Director, Screenplay Adaptation, Producer)

A Bay Area director known as a stalwart advocate of feminist and DIY ethos, Sarolta Jane Cump's work sifts through intersections of public and private histories, using humor and lyrical visuals. Her work has toured microcinemas and museums internationally and played in squats and backyards. Cump’s 19-minute film "California is an Island" (2009) was selected for the juried film program of the 2010 National Queer Cultural Arts Festival, and debuted at Craig Baldwin’s Other Cinema series. In 2009, she received an MFA in film and video production from York University in Toronto, where she studied with director John Greyson.

Elia Singer (Assistant Director, Production Coordinator)

Elia has worked on numerous commissioned projects for artists including the activist teachings of renowned performance artist Guillermo Gomez-Pena and Kirk Read the extraordinaire performance artist and author of How I Learned to Snap. Elia has sat on a number of juries and participated in film festival programming in the Toronto film communities. Recently, Elia has been living, teaching and movie making in the San Francisco area.

Avery Hudson (Director of Photography)

Avery was the D.P. on Mother Country and Lucha. Check back soon for a full bio.

Sarah Kennedy (Second Camera)

Cinematographer, co-editor, co-producer of feature doc Live, Nude, Girls UNITE winner of Golden Spire at the 2000 San Francisco International Film Festival and 2nd Camera on By Hook or By Crook.

Sof T. (Music Director)

has been making art out of his bay area crabshell for what seems like forever now. His visual and graphic art has been known to decorate radical political publications and walls, his installation have been heard to interact with crowds in alternative art venues and projects and his written/spoken words rumored to have been whispered in unassuming poetry nights and dimly lit back rooms.This recent undertaking of the musical direction of Sarolta Jane Cumps 'The Gold Fish' musical, marks a quite natural tangent from his central role in the post production of her previous film 'California is an Island'.

Alice Woelfle-Erskine (Choir Director)

Zeph Fishlyn (Set Designer)

has worked in a variety of media over the years while maintaining a steady engagement with topics of transgression and transformation. Since August 2007 she has been collaborating as illustrator/educator with the Beehive Design Collective, creating accessible narrative graphics that spark radical storytelling and community response to globalization, resource extraction and climate change. She was co-Art Director of Maggots and Men, an award-winning experimental film twisting the Russian Revolution to queer ends.

July Cole (Playwright)

is a writer, performer, and educator who lives and works in Oakland and San Francisco. A lifelong admirer of rivers, Cole co-edited Dam Nation: Dispatches from the Water Underground, began developing the Gold Fish as a one-act play in 2007, and recently earned an MS in Environmental Studies and an MFA in Poetry from the University of Montana. Cole has collaborated, performed, and published with other members of the Water Underground since 2004, and currently teaches a class in science fiction at UC Berkeley with Cleo Woelfle-Erskine.

Cleo Woelfle-Erskine (Associate Producer and Educational Consultant)

is a hydrologist, educator, and scholar of watercurrently pursuing a PhD in the Energy and Resources Group at UC Berkeley. Since co-founding the Greywater Guerrillas in 1999, he has led dozens of community-based workshops on rainwater harvesting and greywater reuse across North America. Woelfle-Erskine's current work includes research into the water savings, ecological implications,and social impact of home greywater and rainwater systems, theoretical writing on watercommons, and local collaborations developing mutual aid-based models to disseminatesustainable water systems widely. His books include Dam Nation: Dispatches from the Water Underground, Urban Wilds: Gardeners Stories of the Struggle for Land and Justice, and Creating Rain Gardens: Capturing the Rain for your own Water-Efficient Garden.